Saturday, January 14, 2012

dark circles

What ages you most? Grey hair? Crow’s feet?  You may be surprised, but it is not any of these. The answer is dark circles around the eyes. They can make person look up to 10 years older. When people develop dark circles under their eyes, they generally think a lack of sleep is the cause, but this is not always the case. There are several causes of dark circles around the eyes and until you understand the cause, you won’t be able to effectively treat them.

What causes dark circles?

Dark circle are rarely a sign of exhaustion or illness, so they are harmless, but unsightly. They make a person look tired, old and unhealthy. Both men and women get dark circles and they usually begin in adulthood, but children can get them too. Some of the most common causes include:
  • Rubbing or scratching the area
  • Heredity
  • Allergies
  • Atopic dermatitis/Eczema
  • Nasal congestion that can cause veins to dilate and darken
  • Sun exposure causes production of melanin
  • Pigmentation irregularities
  • Dehydration
  • Anemia
  • Poor diet
  • Lack of vitamin K

Lifestyle and age play a role

It might be your lifestyle that is causing dark circles under eyes. Smoking and chronic alcohol use can cause dark circles as well as emotional or physical stress. Your age may be the underlying cause. The skin under the eyes thins with fat and collagen loss as we age. This makes the reddish-blue color under your eyes to appear much more noticeable.

Treating dark circles at home

If you have mild to moderate dark circles under your eyes, there are some remedies that you can try at home.
Use extra pillows. Sleep with an extra pillow or two under your head to prevent fluid buildup under the eyes.
Try cold. Cold compresses will help reduce the look of dark circles. You can try a cool, damp washcloth, two cool spoons, or a bag of frozen vegetables from the freezer. This will reduce the dilated blood vessels and discoloration they cause under the eyes. Cool, used tea bags can also help.
Get more sleep. Easier said than done, right? Lack of sleep doesn’t cause the dark circles, but it can make you look pale and the circles more prominent. So, if you can squeeze in a few more minutes of beauty sleep each day.

Wear sunscreen and sunglasses. You make think that the sun will tan the skin, making the dark under-eye circles less obvious, and it might, at first. However, the sun makes the body produce more melanin, so in the long run it will make the dark circles more prominent. So, wear sunglasses and sunscreen when outside.
Try using saline. Rinsing your sinuses with an over the counter saline spray or a solution of salt and water can help alleviate nasal congestion that can cause dark circles. The salt water solution should be one-fourth teaspoon of salt mixed with two cups of warm water.
Eye creams. There are many over-the-counter creams made to treat dark circles. Trial and error may be the best way to find the right product since many people will see different results depending on their skin type. Most eye creams are fairly cheap and are a fast and easy way to cover up or even get rid of dark under eye circles altogether.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nayyara Noor T.V Hits Vol 2

Album Name : Nayyara Noor T.V Hits
Year : 1984
Artist : Nayyara Noor

Nayyara Noor  Nayya Bandho Re Kinare
Nayyara Noor  Rang Bhari Sham
Nayyara Noor  Muskurane Ka Din
Nayyara Noor  Aati Jaati Rut Ki
Nayyara Noor  Kab Talak Mudaa Kehte
Nayyara Noor  Manzar Manzar
Nayyara Noor  Phir Baad-E-Bahar Aai
Nayyara Noor  Roz Khoon Hote Hain
Nayyara Noor  Tha Kitna Be-Misal
Nayyara Noor  Tere Dil Mein Bhi
Nayyara Noor  O' Dil Tor Ke Jane
Nayyara Noor  Ji Daagh Ghame Ashq
Nayyara Noor  Men Kaise Kahoon

Download Link:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Abhi Abhi By Fariha Pervez 2010

Album Name : Abhi Abhi
Year : 2010
Artist : Fariha Pervez

01. Fariha Pervez - Nachi Ja
02. Fariha Pervez - Mahiya Terey Pyar
03. Fariha Pervez - Iss Pyar Mein
04. Fariha Pervez - Michael (A Tribute)
05. Fariha Pervez - Mein Un Bin
06. Fariha Pervez - Abhi Abhi
07. Fariha Pervez - Dil Bolay
08. Fariha Pervez - Terey Liye
09. Fariha Pervez - Rab Janay
10. Fariha Pervez - Abhi Abhi (Remix)
11. Fariha Pervez - Mahiya Terey Pyar (Remix)
12. Fariha Pervez - Bo Kata (Remix)

Download abhi abhi by Fariha Pervez:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ali Zafar - Jhoom [2011-MP3-VBR-320Kbps]

Album Name : Jhoom
Year : 2011
Artist : Ali Zafar

01. Jhoom - Jhoom
02. Jhoom - Tu Jaanay Na
03. Jhoom - Jab Say Dekha Tujh Ko
04. Jhoom - Jee Dhoondta Hai
05. Jhoom - Koi Umeed
06. Jhoom - Jaan-E-Man
07. Jhoom - Nahin Ray Nahin
08. Jhoom - Yar Dhadhi Ishq
09. Jhoom - Dastan-E-Ishq
10. Jhoom - Allah Hu
11. Jhoom - Jhoom (R&B Mix)
12. Jhoom - Dastan-E-Ishq (Dhol version) 
Download Jhoom by ali zafar:

Bol (Atif Aslam) 2011

Album Name : Bpl
Year : 2011
Artist : Atif Aslam

. 01 Hona tha Pyar
. 02 Kaho Aaj Bol Do
. 03 Dil Preshan Hai
. 04 Dil Janiya
. 05 Saiyaan Bolain
. 06 Mumkin hai
. 07 Dil Preshan hai(Film Version)
. 08 Bol Back Ground Music

Download Bol by atif aslam 2011:

Love Mein Ghum 2011

Album Name : Love Mein Ghum
Year : 2011
Artist : Reema Khan

. 01 Love Mein Ghum - Sohniye Yaadan
. 02 Love Mein Ghum - Sohniye-Heeriye
. 03 Love Mein Ghum - Ilah Ilah
. 04 Love Mein Ghum - Haal Da Mehram
. 05 Love Mein Ghum - Jaadu Bhari
. 06 Love Mein Ghum - Meri Ankhon Mein
. 07 Love Mein Ghum - Kitni Haseen Hai Zindagi
. 08 Love Mein Ghum - Love Mein Ghum
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Arsh The Band 2011

Album Name : Arsh The Band
Year : 2011
Artist : Arsh The Band

. 01 Arsh The Band - Awaaz
. 02 Arsh The Band - Aesi Tesi
. 03 Arsh The Band - Lamhaa
. 04 Arsh The Band - Teri Yaad
. 05 Arsh The Band - Tere Sung
. 06 Arsh The Band - Kya Yahi Pyar Hai
. 07 Arsh The Band - Kahey Zamana
. 08 Arsh The Band - Sex Bomb
. 09 Arsh The Band - Kya Yahi Pyar Hai (Reprisded)
. 10 Arsh The Band - Arsh The Band Teri Yaad (Unplugged)
. 11 Arsh The Band - Lamhaa (DJ Yavar Remix)
. 12 Arsh The Band - Teri Yaad (DJ Yavar Remix)
. 13 Arsh The Band - Awaaz (DJ Yavar Remix)
Download Links Arsh the band:
320 Kbps
128 Kbps

Friday, March 18, 2011

Zeal 2010 By Zain ul Abideen

Album Name : Zain - Zeal
Year : 2010
Artist Name : Zain ul Abideen

. 01 Puch Mera Kya Naam Re
. 02 Maahiya Maahiya
. 03 Chue Chue
. 04 Ayi Ayi
. 05 Saiyaan Saiyaan
. 06 Saanson Mein
. 07 Saiyaan Saiyaan (Unplugged)
. 08 Chue Chue (Unplugged)

320 Kbps
128 Kbps

Toofan-e-Mun by Wajd 2010 320Kbps

. 01 Jeena Chahta Hoon
. 02 Thori Thori
. 03 Muntazir
. 04 Faramoshi
. 05 Dhund
. 06 Toofan-e-Munn
. 07 Roti Rahee
. 08 Hawa Ka Jhonka
. 09 Zindagi
. 10 Leikin
. 11 Haath Khalee

320 Kbps
128 Kbps

Dhoom By The Band Call

Album Name : The Band Call Dhoom
Year : 2011
Artist : Call

. 01 Dhoom
. 02 Mein Aisa Hee Hoon
. 03 Rung Do
. 04 Yeh Pal
. 05 Ho Jaane De
. 06 Dharkay Jiya
. 07 Humse He Ye Zamana
. 08 Kyun
. 09 Abhi Dair Hai
. 10 Teri Haar Hum
. 11 Laaree Chootee
. 12 Aasmaan

320 Kbps 
 128 Kbps